Water Damage

WaterRestoration2-300x198You notice water gushing from a broken water pipe or a lot of water leaking from your water heater. You need to do something now! Who do you call? Spectrum Carpet Cleaning And Restoration can provide for all of your water removal and cleaning needs.

Trained professionals come to your home to inspect the damage, decide on the best water removal method, and estimate the cost. They are equipped to handle any water emergency. You need to start the drying process as soon as possible to prevent further damage from standing water on your carpets and floors. Their professional services will restore your carpets, floors and furniture. State of the art drying equipment helps prevent the warping and swelling of floors, walls and furniture caused by water damage. High speed fans create air flow that evaporates the moisture from the floor surface. Carpets and sub padding are inspected for damage. Excess moisture can cause the growth of fungi, bacteria, mildew and other microorganisms. Disinfectants and sanitizers will stop them from developing in your carpet and sub padding. Deodorizers get rid of the odors caused by moisture.

You can stop water damage from completely ruining your floors, carpet and property, call Spectrum Carpet Cleaning And Restoration now.

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