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Spectrum In-house Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our oriental rug cleaning process will draw from the following techniques depending on the particular fibers, dyes, soils, and construction being addressed:

  1. Pre-inspection:

Upon entering our warehouse the rug will be tagged, invoiced, measured and photographed. At this time a pre-inspection will be performed and any pre-existing conditions such as urine or mold noted.

  1. Dust:

Dry particulate soil evacuation, using the power of compressed air, is a safe and thorough method of pre-cleaning rugs.

  1. Wash:

An authentic hand-washing in a submersion bath will ensure that a complete cleaning will be performed. The further use of compressed air, underwater, now assists with a “Jacuzzi like”

  1. Decontamination Bath:

Odor sources and contamination such as urine, mold, mildew or Insect infestations dictate the use of the appropriate treatment and procedures.

  1. Rinse:

Complete flushing away of both soils and cleaning agents allow to achieve drinkable rinse water conditions.

  1. Dry:

The importance of speed and efficiency during drying is achieved in our controlled atmosphere drying room.

  1. Post Detailing:

Inspected and evaluated for any remaining spots or contaminates and addressed following industry specifications. Fringes are hand combed and cleaned, ScotchGard is applied and rugs are rolled and wrapped in plastic for re-delivery or customer pick up.

  • Customers should have rugs rolled and ready for pick-up if possible.
  • Spectrum will roll and reset rugs if needed for an additional charge and depending on the amount of furniture needing moved.

Thank You, the Spectrum Team!

Workmanship Guarantee:

Spectrum offers a 100% guarantee of our workmanship for all of our services, all work is performed following industry standards by trained and certified technicians. So be at ease with your fine fabrics in our hands, we accept the complete responsibility of providing you with quality service, guaranteed!

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